The Biography Of Christian Country Artist And Songwriter

Sandy Florence

Sandy began singing at age 7 during the early 1970's.  Her home church, Glory Gospel Assembly of Paterson NJ, planned a special event for all people to share their talent.  It was then when she met Godly men and women, all of Jamaican descent, who guided her heart in the right direction.  Sandy never knew what the future would hold.  But the prayers of these saints came in handy many years later.  Then a music teacher of Wayne, New Jersey desired to launch Sandy into the music world.  But God protected her as He had better plans.  She grew up in a home to which Christianity was later substituted for religion, and denial of the truth kept her past family from receiving God's best.  Sandy suffered from physical and verbal abuse as a child, and the traumatic situation was kept silenced behind a wall of religion.  The entrapment of her self image was shattered, and her musical abilities were laid to rest.  At the age of 9, Sandy began showing signs of depression.

In the year 1981, her family moved to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico where she began Junior High and High School.  After graduating high school in 1987, Sandy began her college education at the Inter-American University of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  During the first semester, she experienced a nervous break down contributed to a build up of negative emotions from her past.  She was unable to finish college, and was confined to a place of despair.  Then she heard Nicky Cruz's testimony televised across the island of Puerto Rico.  He shared his faith in Jesus and led many of his viewers to Christ. Sandy received Christ as her Savior, and found hope in Jesus.  Depression temporarily subsided from her life.  So the challenge wasn't quite over.

In 1989, Sandy returned to the U.S.  She met Douglas Florence at Brookdale Baptist Church of Bloomfield, New Jersey on October 20th, 1991.  They married on April 24th, 1993.  She leaned on the encouragement and strength of her husband.  Depression was still a on going issue in Sandy's life as she questioned, "Why hasn't God healed me?  Why me?"  The answer to all her questions was simply, "A broken heart still needs to mend and heal."  Her Challenge to heal began at age 32.  God instilled in Sandy's heart the importance of spiritual growth which comes in His love.  The Lord challenged her to begin singing again and to sing for His glory.  In doing so, she would heal.  He also promised her a family. Sandy and her husband endured years of infertility. But the promise of God inspired her to believe that all things work together for good to those who love God.

The final and most difficult challenge for Sandy is when God instructed her to connect with her paternal grandmother.  Witchcraft existed in Sandy's family line, both paternal and maternal, and it became a generational practice until certain relatives became Christians in the early 1970's. Sandy's paternal great-grandfather was involved in witchcraft, and would enforce his belief on his daughter-in-law (Sandy's grandma).  Her paternal grandfather respected his father's practice, and allowed the on going abuse.  Eventually, Sandy's grandparents filed for divorce.  Years later, grandma became a Christian somewhere between her late 70's or early 80's.  Though she was spiritually saved, grandma desperately needed a listening ear.  She often portrayed hate as her wall of defense towards people she knew not to trust.  With Sandy's trust, she laid her guard down, and allowed her granddaughter the opportunity to examine her heart.  Grandma also shared secrets and important information that would clarify misconstrue information within the family line.  All of this vital information filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle in which gossipers could not fill in.  It was time for all truth to unveil, and put closure to the past which led a family line astray. 

Another blessed closure came to pass.  Paternal grandma prayed for her granddaughter's conception.  After Sandy and Douglas endured 5 years of infertility, they finally received great news when celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in the State of Vermont.  Sandy was expecting!  But during the pregnancy, she was diagnosed to have a Mitral Valve Regurgitation of the heart which at the time seemed mild.  Regardless of the diagnosis, her beautiful healthy daughter was born on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day, they held God's promise gift of a child in their arms.  The incredible story of her daughter's birth is still to be told.  It began either the last few months of Sandy's pregnancy, or shortly before delivery. Their baby girl transferred blood to her Mom from the umbilical cord.  Sandy was developing health issues in which her doctors were not aware of.  The miracle blood transfer served a purpose to possibly allow a safe delivery.  Sandy never experienced further complications.  Though her brave daughter was born anemic, she showed no sign of anemia to have fooled the nurses and doctors with her strength; and she never needed a blood transfusion either.  Doctor's were mind boggled by the incredible recovery!  Sandy's health was later diagnosed correctly, and treated with proper care.  A few years later, on December 19, 2007, their blessed daughter received Jesus into her heart at a tender age of 3.  Shortly before her 4th birthday.

It was a step by step process of physical healing for Sandy.  Through her transition of healing, she began writing her own songs.  Sandy's first single release, titled 'Sacrifice', was aired on Christian Country / Gospel Stations in the year 2007.  On January of 2007, the song charted in a small Christian Country Billboard once located in Nashville, TN.  She never toured, never recorded a full album in her entire life, and was certainly not experienced within the music industry.  But she still reached the milestone of God’s promise for her life. It became a successful mission in the Lord and still remains successful in the kingdom of God. This mission is labeled to be Sandy Florence Music Ministry.

Sandy's health prognosis and issues was due to traumatic muscle injuries, pinched nerves, and it would later affect her immune system.  Years of depression contributed to negative factors on her health.  Her diaphragm was weak, so the use of her muscles during singing would weaken her body easily.  But she still plunged forward to do God's plan for her life.  Then a third diagnosis of cancer, in the year 2013, was confirmed to have been "fraud".  The work of Satan in attempt to gear her out of God’s plan. An accurate diagnosis, based on a holistic analysis, confirmed the inaccuracy of Sandy’s diagnosis.  Though her immune system was considered borderline, it was not dangerously low to open the wrong doors for a deadly disease.  A number of lawsuits have been filed against the Hackensack University Medical Center by patients who reported malpractice, or false diagnosis which led to permanent damage in their lives.  Sandy’s discernment led her to walk away from a deceptive medical center and a fraudulent diagnosis.  With the Lord on her side, she's been able to succeed in her journey.