Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sandy Music Ministry is shared on Google, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.  Sandy does not tour by choice since family is her first priority

  • Sandy Music Ministry DOES NOT engage with Independent Distribution sites, nor with Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. . .  Unfortunately, inappropriate distribution brought about copyright infringement as vendors misused and illegally sold music without the consent of the artist.  Sandy's music is available for purchase only on her website.

  • Sandy Music Ministry does not bind their music with contracts, nor allows Sandy's songs to be recorded by other artists.

  • All album artworks and photos, pertaining to Sandy Music Ministry, are copyrighted; therefore, it is prohibited to use copyright material for Internet sells of 2nd hand cd's.  Especially, if you're not a licensed vendor.

  • The Florence Family does not embrace the idea of concerts in a church. God's house of worship shouldn't be a concert arena, a broadway show, or a theater to charge people as you would in a business.  The church of God is sacred, so it's best to keep it this way.