Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sandy Music Ministry is shared on YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.  Sandy does not tour by choice since family is her first priority

  • Sandy Music Ministry DOES NOT engage with Independent Distribution sites, nor with Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. . .  Unfortunately, distribution sells brought about copyright infringement as vendors misused and illegally sold music without the consent of the artist.  Sandy's music can be heard at no cost on media.

  • Sandy Music Ministry does not bind their music with contracts. So recording companies do not have the privilege or permission to use Sandy's songs for their personal gain, nor to be recorded by other artists.

  • All album artworks and photos, pertaining to Sandy Music Ministry, are copyrighted; therefore, it is prohibited to use copyright material for Internet sells of 2nd hand cd's.  Especially, if you're not a licensed vendor.

  • The Florence Family does not embrace the idea of concerts in a church. God's house of worship shouldn't be a concert arena, a broadway show, or a theater to charge people as you would in a business.  The church of God is sacred, so it's best to keep it this way.